Why Cold Brew? What better way to combat the heat of a summer afternoon than a smooth, caffeinated beverage? With the official 2017 hipster drink of the year, a cold brew coffee, you will never look at coffee the same way.
To talk about this, we first need to understand why this version of coffee became so popular in recent years. Is it due to a new crowd of coffee drinkers? The attention to quality over quickness? Or is it that now we know more about where our coffee comes from? I personally believe it is a combination of all three. With a quick search, we can find the farm and owners, reviews of their coffee, and their farming techniques; because of that, we no longer want a drink that was rushed through hot water and poorly served. Instead, we want a well-crafted drink, a drink where attention to detail and craftsmanship are applied to attain the best possible results.

Unlike espresso, which was invented to instantly brew coffee, cold brew is probably the slowest method to brew cof…

French Press Brewing

French Press Invented in the late 1920's, the French Press has become one of the most popular brewing methods around the world due to the rich flavors it produces. A simple construction made out of a cylindrical pot and a permanent metal filter makes the press easy to clean and maintain, and the absence of a paper filter means there is no byproduct aside from the used coffee.

A personal favorite, the press can produce great results if used correctly; although I must admit it took me a few times to get it right. So let me tell you the do's and don't's that I have learned so far.
Maintenance is the Key! If you want great coffee, take good care of your brewer. This applies to all brewing methods, and it's one of the most important steps to ensure a great cup of coffee. Choose a press that is easy to disassemble. Make sure to pull it apart after every use and clean each part, removing any leftover coffee. 
The Coffee Beans: Single Origin vs. Blends:   Finding the right c…